Starring: Steve Coogan
Written by: Graham Duff, Henry Normal & Steve Coogan
Produced by: Alison MacPhail
Directed by: Matt Lipsey
6 part TV series for BBC 2 First Broadcast November 2001

Step into a world of bloodsucking beauties, Oriental opium fiends, lizard men, severed feet and haunted coffee tables… Six gothic curios which pay comic homage to the classic British horror films of the Hammer and Amicus studios.   Coogan plays seven different roles, including gentleman adventurer Nathan Blaze, lecherous Witch Locator Captain Tobias Slater and the perverse Doctor Terrible.  The series also features a host of top comedy faces alongside genre stalwarts such as Honor Blackman, Graham Crowden and Angela Pleasance.

On original transmission, the show’s blend of silliness and genuine gore divided audiences and critics alike. However, the series has gone on to be shown around the world and  won high profile fans such as South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

“Sharp, daft & entertaining.” – The Daily Telegraph

“Delightfully fractured language… The series is gloriously silly, but plays the horror card well. There are some chilling moments too… Quite disturbing.” - Shivers

“Splendid series of horror spoofs… Brilliant actually…  Really funny.” -The Guardian

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