Paul McGann-2


Starring: Paul McGann, Christian Rodska, India Fisher & Conrad Westmaas.
Written by: Graham Duff
Produced by: Jason Haigh-Ellery & Gary Russell
Directed by: Gary Russell

4 part audio drama for Big Finish - First Released October 2004

The Doctor and his companions arrive at the Multihaven – an harmonious city entirely made up of contrasting churches, religions and faiths. However, under the guidance of the charismatic and enigmatic Laan Carder, the sinister 23rd Church of Lucidity is gathering new converts at an alarming rate.

A dark sci-fi satire on fundamentalism and the vagaries of organised religion, Faith Stealer is a fast paced adventure, blending high concept comedy with several creepy set pieces and boasting a witty and assured performance from Paul McGann’s Doctor.

“Sparkling comedy… Great fun to listen to.” – Doctor Who Magazine

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