Starring: Steve Delaney
Written by: Steve Delaney
Script edited by: Graham Duff
Produced by: John Leonard and Mark Radcliffe

Series 1-7 (43 eps.) Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 2005-2012

This long running Sony Gold award winning sitcom follows the day-to-day frustrations of one time variety star and bumbling bit part actor Count Arthur Strong.  Crippled by pride and chronic bravado, the Count has severe delusions of grandeur, yet struggles with even the simplest of daily duties.

“Radio Four’s best sitcom by several miles.” - The Observer

“Brilliant…I laughed so much it hurt.” - Radio Times

“So outperforms the rest of Radio Four’s comedy output that it sounds as if it’s doing a little victory jig on the roof of Broadcasting House.” - New Statesman